Tired of Searching For An Easier Way To Track Dream Clients, Save Testimonials, Brand Assets, Links, and Track Monthly Expenses All In One Place?


For Online Course Creators, Coaches & Service Based Business Owners

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Digital Filing System >>> $27
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  • Can you access ALL your business files, tools, and resources with just a click of the mouse?
  • Do you have a home base for your affiliate and social links?
  • Do you have a home base for your brand assets, colors and passwords?
  • Do you have a tracking system to work with your dream clients?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, THE DIGITAL FILING SYSTEM can help you!

Instantly Feel More In Control Of Your Business In Just 10 Minutes A Day

Instantly Feel More In Control Of Your Business In Just 10 Minutes A Day



  • The Digital Filing System utilizes a FREE project management tool to maximize your time.
  • The Digital Filing System helps you to streamline your business to work for you.
  • The Digital Filing System helps you stay focused on one thing at a time.
  • The Digital Filing System helps you accomplish more with less effort.
  • The Digital Filing System keeps your business literally at your fingertips.
The Digital Filing System  >>> $27
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Hi! I’m CeAnne

As a busy digital agency owner with multiple clients and multiple projects, I struggled to keep track of all the moving parts. I would spend hours searching my computer looking for files and details about specific jobs. I used legal pads and sticky notes to write details on, and inevitably wasted time hunting for information that I had written down. Being disorganized can easily become very problematic. 

I finally found a solution to end all the clutter. I keep my project details, branding, course assets, affiliate links, social links, testimonials, and much more, at my fingertips, and I am able to take on more clients because I have systems in place that I use to “rinse and repeat” the process.

Since implementing this system to organize my own business, I have more time in my schedule to work less or add more products. I use workflows to streamline the processes and optimize my time. Using the Digital Filing System allows me to step away from the routine tasks inside my business, and focus on revenue generating tasks that grow my business. 

It’s never too late to implement a well-organized system to optimize your business. If you are just starting your online business journey, do yourself favor now and start with The Digital Filing System. I promise you will see the value as your business begins to grow. 

What's Included



  • 20 Categories To Manage Your Business Resources
  • Track Dream Customers
  • Manage New Clients Effortlessly
  • Track Monthly Expenses
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Easy and Simple to Use FREE Online Tool (Trello)

  • Quick start Video training to help you get started
  • Easy to Use Online Learning Platform
  • Immediate Access.
  • Work at Your Own Pace.
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365 Social Media Prompts [$97 Value]

365 Social Media Prompts

  • Social Media Prompts to Attract Your Dream Customer Even If you are in introvert!
  • Day-To-Day Prompts To Guide You That Are Organized Into 10 Categories
  • Maintain Consistency With Your Social Media Schedule
  • Prompts That Will Overcome The Fear Of Going Live

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If The Digital Filing System doesn't show you how to file your business resources …. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and show me how to set up my template ... or if it fails to put my business at my fingertips, then I understand that within 14 days I will receive a full refund.

No Questions Asked!

This was a LIFE SAVER for me today.

"I could not find all my login for different things I have and I was in panic mode! This system is a game changer I will never forget you for the value you have shared. God Bless you!!!!"

Laverne Polk 

Our customers love us

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We've got A's for your Q's

What happens when I purchase?

Once you have successfully completed your purchase, you will receive immediate access to the dashboard including template and tutorials.  

Is this $27 a month?

NO! This is a one-time purchase for the template. No hidden fees or additional purchases needed.  

How long will this take me?

I have designed the training to walk you through step-by-step.

I'd estimate you need about 20 - 30 minutes to get up and running.

The goal is to help you establish a habit to manage your business resources.

Do I need extra software with this?

The template is a Trello board.

You will need a Trello account. If you don't have a Trello account, I walk you through how to step up your account.  

Can I use the free version of Trello?

Absolutely! You can use the free plan!  

Do I need extra apps to make this work?

No, you do not need to additional apps to get the most out of the template.  

I am not 'techy' is this easy to use?

Awesome! I love Trello because it is easy to use! I describe Trello as a large piece of poster board with organized sticky notes.

I am a visual person, so the easy drag and drop features makes it easy to use without complicated tech.  

How long do I have access?

You have immediate access to the dashboard as soon as you purchase. Once you access the templates, you can add to your Trello dashboard and keep them inside your account.

The training is completely self-paced and you decide when you start. The key is to take imperfect action and dive in.  

What if I buy it and hate it?

It's ok.

I've served thousands of happy customers, but I totally get it.

You might discover that this system doesn't fit your needs which is why I offer my "NO HEADACHE" 100% guarantee. Just drop me an email within 14 days of purchase and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.  

I have multiple businesses, will this system help me?


I share with you a quick trick to keep all your businesses organized.  

Does this come with a community?

Not yet. We are developing a community and will invite you when we launch.  

I'm a [Course Creator, Coach, Freelancer, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, OBM, & Service-Based Business Owner] will this work for me?

YES! Every business needs a home base for business organization. Over 5,193 + businesses are using the template!

I don't understand how this will help me?

Think of the template as a virtual filing cabinet.

Instead of your resources, links, and tools scattered - the template simplifies your business organization.

The power of the template grows more valuable over time.

Can I use the template on my tablet?


You can use Trello on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone!

All changes made will save across your devices!

Is this available in other languages?

No. This product is offered in English.